Large-scale Industrial Burner

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Large-scale Industrial Burner

WEG Low NOx burner
WHG Hot air type burner
WFG Low NOx Monoblock burner

WALAM is founded in Regensburg, Germany. It is mainly engaged in the research and development and production of burners. There are many famous enterprises such as Mercedes-Benz and BMW within 100 kilometers, relying on the industrial clusters and talents of this location. Since its inception, WALAM has determined to become a top-end burner brand.

At present, WALAM has WEG series low-nitrogen burners, WHG series hot-air burners, WFG low-nitrogen integrated machines and oil-fired series burners. We adopt a distinctive technical line and carry out a conscious technological revolution on the burners, which has widely recognized by market.

In the future, WALAM will continue to focus on technological innovation, and increasing research and development efforts, combined with the market demand of energy-saving and environment protection ,to contribute to the future of the thermal field.

Cooperation and joint research

Design of WALAM burner adheres to the cooperation with boiler plant to collect post-operation data and management experience from end users.
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Burner and boiler matching design

The formation of nitrogen oxides is directly related to the maximum combustion temperature, furnace size, furnace heat transfer parameters.
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Comprehensive data support

The WALAM burner is a WEG low-nitrogen oil -fueled gas burner that fully operates the technical data within the full range of load changes.
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Fast technical response

The WALAM technical team has service points in major cities in China, which can quickly carry out after-sales maintenance and repair.
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Large-scale Industrial Burner

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