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  • Ultra low nitrogen emission.
  • Convenient intelligent control.
  • High efficiency and energy saving.
  • Safe, stable, low noise.
The design concept of WALAM low NOx burner is realized by a variety of low-nitrogen designs, which are mature technologies that have been applied for many years, including staged combustion and flue gas recirculation. We have many technologies surpassing other burner manufacturers, such as partial premixed combustion. The most important thing is to stabilize the combination of various low-nitrogen technologies to achieve a stable combustion state. It meets the emission requirements, and at the same time reduces the burner pressure loss and reduces power consumption. Stable low-nitrogen combustion technology + lowest energy combustion technology are the unique design concept of WALAM low-nitrogen burner.

Burner discharge performance

The German WALAM burner guarantees the following emission parameters (30-100% operating state of boiler)

Measured data

Nitride data - Large fire
O2:3.86% NO:12ppm CO:16ppm
Nitride data - Small fire
O2:3.55% NO:8ppm CO:35ppm

  • Designed as special burner for heat transfer boiler.
  • With a distinctive technical line, it is a conscious technological revolution to burner, which turns the burner into a constant-temperature natural gas oxidizer.
Technical principle: Supply the accurately measured gas and air (oxygen) into the heat transfer furnace, using the original heat transfer furnace temperature (normal working heat transfer oil medium is of 200-400 degrees Celsius), and hot air temperature, to form original temperature of oxidizer as 300-400 degrees Celsius. After the natural gas oxidizer of constant temperature is operated, the furnace temperature is further increased to 800-1000 degrees Celsius. The natural gas is uniformly oxidized at this temperature to generate infrared heat, which is absorbed by the furnace. The oil pipe due to closing to the furnace is absorbed of heat and thus causing relatively low temperature in the central zone, and consequently, the temp difference is generated, which will generate heat convection driving exhaust gas. Then low oxygen oxidation (air) occurs throughout the furnace. The normal operation of the constant temperature natural gas oxidizer is the continuous repeat of the above-mentioned oxidation process.

Technical features:

If using WALAM WHG series burner, the heat transfer furnace has the following characteristics:
1. no local high temperature zone.
2. even convection inside the smoke .
3. mainly based on infrared heat transfer.

The three aspects fundamentally inhibit the formation of nitrides, and control the boiler exhaust gas parameters in reasonable and stable state. Besides, the air excess coefficient can be controlled to 0.5, achieving environmental protection and energy saving purposes.

Burner of other series

  • Ultra low nitrogen
  • Compact structure
  • Free flame
  • Ultra low noise (with muffler)
The WFG low-nitrogen integrated machine is ultra-low nitrogen burner combined oil combustion and staged gas combustion. The design of gas self-jet nozzle is used to reduce the thermal NOx generated during combustion process. The burner design heat release can be from 0.6 to 12 MW. Under the design heat release, the burner adjustment ratio reaches 10:1, the pressure drop of burner is generally 100-400 mbar, and the burner has a low pressure drop design which effectively reduces the fan energy consumption. The burner is forced to ventilate. It can combuste in air or mixed flue gas.Designed with staged fuel control system and staged fuel and nozzle, and rich oxygen and anaerobic combustion zones to ensure the lowest thermal conversion NOx of the burner. Designed with free jet combustion and anaerobic combustion, and self-smoking gas circulation technology. NOX emission without external flue gas circulation is less than 60mg/Nm3; 15% flue gas circulation designed can reach 30mg/Nm3of nitrogen oxide emission indicator; the oxygen amount is controlled within 3.0%.With its own safety protection, and air and fuel separation design system, it is suitable for a wide range of operating conditions .

  • Good atomization effect
  • Easy to ignite
  • Complete combustion, stable flame
  • Strong rigidity, no coking, no blockage
  • Long service life
  • High efficiency and energy saving
  • Suitable for special liquid fuels (methanol, ethanol, vegetable oil, heavy oil, waste oil, etc.)

Our Products

Large-scale Industrial Burner

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